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Our company performs upon request excavations and civil engineering projects: channels, dams and spill ways - with our specialized heavy equipment:

  • BTM-3 bucket-wheel machine See BTM-3 at work

Digs channels up to 1.8m deep and 0.7-1.5m wide with an average speed of 400m/hour (up to 1120m/hour in softer soils), being a helpful tool in construction of pipelines for water, natural gas or oil.

Bucket-wheel can be adjusted for vertical or slanted cutting.

  • MDK-2M strip-eath machine See MDK-2M at work

The machine can be used for both earth-stripping operations and bulldozing, with a 4m wide bulldozer blade. It cuts earth in 50cm deep layers with up to 1000 cubic meters/hour speed and loads the debris in trucks.

It can be used in surface mining, channel digging and other large-scale excavations.

  • BAT-M heavy bulldozer

BAT-M heavy bulldozer is fitted with a 5m wide articulated blade, 2.5-tonne crane and 50-tonne winch. Average working speed is 100-450 cubic meters/hour.

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