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Our company can build upon request electrical generating devices with medium voltage (400 V) alternators of 50 to 500 kVA powered by wind turbines and carried by tower cranes

Electrical generator powered by horizontal axis wind turbine:

  • turbine diameter 25-45 m

  • turbine speed 70-80 rpm

  • wind velocity >6 m/s

  • controllable turbine blade pitch, hydraulically actuated

  • drum braking, mechanically-hydraulically actuated

  • voltage 220 / 400 V, 50 Hz

The device can be built with various heights of the tower crane, according to terrain and strength of wind currents.

 Public presentation - horizontal axis wind turbine, prototype - November 30, 2012
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Why a tower crane mounted wind turbine?

The main disadvantage of tradition wind turbines with either horizontal or vertical axis lays in the necessity to build them as fixed installations, which means initial investment in land purchase, relatively high construction cost and little or no flexibility.

We can offer a system to convert wind energy into electrical energy, flexible, partially movable, which can avoid the disadvantages of traditional systems quoted above.

Advantages of our wind turbine system:

Flexibility the system can be built wherever a tower crane can be erected.

Land preparation for the tower crane platform does not need major construction work, it can be accomplished with little cost.

Use of mass produced parts from the automotive industry allows smaller construction cost.

Mobility the system can be used to provide electrical energy to construction sites or other temporary users and moved entirely when it is no longer needed.




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